Can You Cook?

I honestly struggle to understand how there are still some people who can’t cook. I don’t mean people that won’t cook. There are always going to be those who just couldn’t be bothered with it or that are babies. And I mean actual babies. They obviously can’t cook. So, people who claim they “don’t want to cook,” look at the company you keep.

That brings me to the subject of the people who just can’t cook. What?!? How can this be? Especially with the number of online videos, books, eBooks, TV shows, podcasts, and apps – all geared toward making cooking accessible for everyone. Yet, there are people out there making terrible food, burnt food, bland food, or the worst combination of all: terrible burnt bland food. Why?!? How?!?

Heck, there are services that will deliver all the ingredients to your door, with the correct measurements, and the recipe with step-by-step instructions included.  Still, some poor souls manage to get their head stuck in the plastic bags the cold things came in.

I refuse to believe that there are people that “can burn water” or “forget the recipe for ice,” then again, some of the evidence is concerning. I had a friend watch me make cookie dough one time and they were horrified when I put a pinch of salt in the dough. “What? Is this one of those salted caramel type things?” Yet, when I explained that adding a pinch of salt actually helped bring out the flavor and sweetness, you would have thought I told him that unicorns were real.

Cooking isn’t difficult. Making good food isn’t hard. Some people can take three ingredients and make something that tastes better than what some can do with fifty. Which is fair because fifty is WAY too many. Some of those elements are not going to work together anyway.😊


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